3D Modeling in Games

Nowadays, movies or computer games can’t be complete without 3D modeling for games or cinematic effects. But did you know these two worlds are completely different? Video games show us characters that are distant from real life, while movies try their best to make every detail look realistic. The modeling in these industries looks alike at first glance, but there are some significant differences. In this article, we will consider the most important of them.

What Is 3D Modeling for Video Games & Movies?

We use 3D modeling technologies in almost all industries. The graphic designers use various tools to make 3D objects and control them in 3D space. Thus, they can create a realistic and accurate copy of any item (reduced, full-size, or enlarged).

There are two types of modeling:

  1. CGI graphics is the development of static or moving images for cinema, television, and the visual arts.
  2. Computer animation is the creation of moving images for games.

Stages of 3D Modeling for Games & Movies 

It may seem that the modeling process consists of creating the object and its animation. In reality, it includes a lot of stages that help to make the finished project look good:

  • Modeling. The creation of 3D objects;
  • Texturing. The application of textures to existing models;
  • Rigging. The creation of a virtual “skeleton” (set of “bones” and “joints”) for the later animation of a character;
  • Animation. The animating of a 3D character;
  • Rendering. The visualization of the created graphic and recording of the object;
  • Compositing. The combination of individual elements into a final image and addition of color correction, effects, etc.

Qualified companies such as Melior Games can create high-quality graphics for your game since they are experts in all these stages. 

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Differences Between 3D Models for Video Games & Movies 

Creating graphics in movies is a tremendous job. Scriptwriters, directors, and an army of 3D artists work on the processes. The main factors that influence the project are time, complexity, and budget.

Unlike a movie, a game is an interaction between a person and the virtual world. Besides, it has limitations because of the capabilities of the graphical console. Thus, the visual aspect is not the most important. Interactivity and uninterrupted functioning are the top priorities.


The plot of the game constantly changes depending on the player’s actions. Many video games have several different endings. The player can influence the reaction of game characters. Besides, all changes must be synchronized in real time without any delays. Thus, to create a good game project, you need 3D video game models for a number of different scenarios. The movie has a fixed script, which cannot change. This is a still picture on the screen, which we cannot interact with.


Another important aspect is the amount of money that you can spend on the project. It’s more difficult to get profit from games, that’s why even iconic projects get a budget several times smaller than good movies do. It is much easier to make money from a  blockbuster movie than to recoup an expensive game. Thus, the quality of the graphics cannot compare with the cinematic sci-fi masterpieces.


Both movies and games require a long and thorough preparation process. On average, this takes several years. If the budget is quite large, and the audience liked the project, 2-3 years can be enough. Although sometimes the work continues for 4-6 years. Despite this, the time it takes to do 3D modeling differs. Most movies start working on the models after shooting all of the material. Thus, modeling is not considered the most time-consuming part of it. 3D game modeling, on the other hand uses figures and textures all the time.


The quality of the image that you see on the screen depends on the number of polygons. In fact, these are the small parts a 3D model consists of. When designers combine them, they get one full object. The more polygons the model has, the more beautiful and detailed it is. That’s why movies often have the budget and time to work on each object and the number of its polygons, and the video games cannot devote this much attention to every detail. Besides, as we mentioned before, games are often limited by the capabilities of the graphical console. 


3D modeling in games and movies are two completely different processes. Someone who specializes in one area is not necessarily good in another. 

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