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Video Games and IQ: Unveiling the Connection

video games iq

It is a known fact that people who are good at chess have above average IQ…

Educational Benefits of Video Games: Are All Games Equally Useful?

benefits of playing video game

Are you sure that a video game in education sounds like nonsense? Do you find them…

AI in Video Games: How is Artificial Intelligence used in Game Dev

AI Video Games

Artificial Intelligence was present in video games since they were created. Probably, you didn’t think much…

Nintendo Updates for Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon: Who’s Next?

zelda nintendo

The beginning of a new decade is always exciting — in many spheres, video games included….

Agile in Game Development

agile methodology in game development

In a nutshell, Agile in game development means dividing the process of game creation into short…

Top 15 Best Retro Video Games

retro video games 15 top

Today, retro video games online are popular as never before. Game studios regularly release retro games…

Benefits of Online Gaming: A Closer Look

Benefits of Online Gaming: A Closer Look

Modern games, like those developed by Melior Games, aren’t what they used to be. Young people…

Social Games – All You Should Know

Social Games

What is social gaming? Basically, social games are a special type of online games where diplomacy…