Game Development Services


High-Quality Custom Game Development

Melior Games has been developing games for almost a decade now, and we are proud to say the knowledge and resources accumulated over the years now let us undertake even the most daring and difficult projects. Whether you require game design services, animations, 2D artwork or 3D modeling, game UI/UX, or any sort of programming for both front-end and back-end, we have creative developers and proven solutions to meet even the strictest requirements.

Real-time Multiplayer Games

Melior Games specializes in providing reliable back-end solutions for multiplayer games using engines like Photon, Gamesparks, PlayFab, and other similar software. We offer server solutions for turn-based and real-time multiplayer projects that are high in capacity and can support millions of players at the same time. All elements of server development, including real-time game information, user statistics storage, leaderboards, achievements, chat, and social sharing functions, will be delivered within reasonable deadlines and fees.

Multiplayer Game Development
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Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is the new frontier in game development, where lines between reality and fantasy are very thin, and game possibilities are limitless, thrilling, and immense. Whether you want to visualize your new construction project or experience racing through a post-apocalyptic necropolis, we will provide information, art and animations, programming, and quality assurance. Melior Games creates stunning VR experiences using Unity3D for platforms such as Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard, and HTC Vive.

Mobile Game Development

We have created more than a hundred high-quality games, including shooters, puzzles, strategy, and arcade games, and various multiplayer and gambling games. Every genre is unique and requires a different development approach to retain its best qualities and keep players happy. Melior Games believes in respecting classic game genres and retaining some form of tradition, while also exploring new ways of building gaming software. We like to experiment with code and art concepts, integrate virtual and augmented reality, and lift your gaming experience to a dreamlike state. Since we build everything from scratch, so you only need an idea, and we will do the rest.

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