Video Game Industry Statistics

The gaming industry constitutes a huge branch of entertainment in the life of our society — it allows people to chill out and relax with a joystick in their hands, temporarily forget about their problems, feel the adrenaline from an action game or emotions from a story-telling one. Millions of people all around the globe can’t imagine their lives without spending at least an hour a day in virtual worlds of video games.

Massive market values that are counted in billions of dollars keep attracting more and more programmers and developers into the business. The industry and all the people working in it should have their hands on the pulse of players’ preferences heeding the smallest oscillations in there at all times. The days when game developers determined the course of the video game industry are long gone and players now have the strings of control. This tendency is apparent, as well as the fact that it can’t be stopped. 

Gaming Industry Statistics

You can take a glimpse into some statistics to get a better understanding of the enormous involvement rate of video games by looking at the following facts:

  • More than 2.8 billion players are expected to be involved in virtual worlds by the year 2021;
  • By the end of the year 2020, marketers expect the estimated gaming market value to sum up to 90 billion dollars; 
  • 75% of USA citizens play at least one video game from time to time;
  • 97% of all American teenagers have access to some gaming console;
  • 63% of mobile gamers are women;
  • 46% of virtual battles leaders are 36 years old or older;
  • Multiuser software has the highest loyalty level of 56%;
  • In the year 2019, the overall value of the video games market has reached the mask of almost 152 billion dollars;
  • The majority of the videos uploaded on YouTube every day is gaming content;
  • 17% of all gamers watch video games-related content every single day;
  • About 15 million people visit the Twitch website daily;
  • 36% around teenagers and 31% of adults enjoy following previews, trailers, and releases of new games;
  • The most interested in cybersports events region of the world is Asia with 51% of viewers coming from some eastern country.
global distribution of frequent viewers of eSports

It should be noted that 38% of developers are engaged in the production of games for mobile devices that don’t require downloading, installation, but can instead be easily run from the cloud.

Trends in video games world

To better understand the virtual realm, we should especially emphasize the following trends in the video games world:

  • Cloud gaming is a streamline online game that doesn’t require any expensive machinery to run even some demanding games with stable FPS rate;
  • Epic Games is an alternative to Steam, developed by the creators of Fortnite Battle Royale it represents an independent gaming platform;
  • Stadia is like Netflix but for video games, developed by Google.

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Video Games Statistics

One of the ways to attract and retain players is to organize competitions in extremely popular eSports disciplines, with solid prize funds. For example, in 2017 the total amount of rewards for the participants has amounted to more than 121 million dollars, 38 of which were made by Dota 2. The same event has collected the largest prize fund of all times — more than 24 million dollars (on Dota’s 2 International 2017). These two aspects make this discipline the most popular in competitive cyberspace.

Among all the games, the leading places are occupied by shooters and sports simulators — especially the ones that are short in playtime but having complex characters. We present to you the latest video games statistics on the games purchased this year.

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Top-10 most required video games

1Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019
2NBA 2K20
3Grand Theft Auto 
4Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot
5Tom Clancy’s The Division 2
6Mario Kart 8
7Ring Fit Adventure
8Madden NFL 20
9Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
10Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Orde

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Based on the latter, the predicted value for the distribution of game in the global rating will look like this:

Top-10 selling video games

1Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot
2Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019
3NBA 2K20
4Grand Theft Auto 
5Madden NFL 20
6Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Orde
7Mario Kart 8
8Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
9Ring Fit Adventure

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Cybersports is a huge niche in the entertainment industry, attracting more and more dedicated enthusiasts every year. Virtual disciplines allow users to relax and take a break from reality, and developers successfully monetize this desire into billions of dollars. At the same time, the gaming market is a highly unstable phenomenon, in which only those who can feel and anticipate the expectations of players as much as possible, following the global trends and dynamics, remains afloat and prospers.