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Kids adore playing games. In the age of digitalization, good old Scrabble or Monopoly seem like relics of the forgotten past that have been ousted by video games. Children of today are obsessed with playing football like Barcelona or Liverpool, searching for things in quests, or building empires in strategies. The excellent graphics and enthralling plot of the best video games for kids like those by Melior Games keep them glued to the screen of their gadgets for hours. Luckily, school and outdoor hobbies provide a healthy balance between various activities. So every aspect of a kid’s versatile nature is taken care of. 

The disastrous attack of COVID-19 has ruined this familiar and serene picture, sending repercussions across all spheres of our lives. In a time when the global pandemic is ravaging the world and children stay at home most of the day. Kids playing video games for the whole day is a picture that haunts every father and mother. They are at their wits’ end on how to find an alternative to what seems to be endless entertainment and switch their children’s attention and interest to learning instead. 

If you are one of such anxious parents, try thinking outside the box. Instead of forbidding them to do it, transform your kids’ favorite pastime into an instructive activity. Download some educational video games to their smartphone or laptop. 

Kids Learning Games: Marrying Fun and Education

What is the typical attitude to video games in schools? Most teachers see them as a distraction that prevents kids from excelling in their subjects. However, kids’ video games can be turned into a powerful educational tool that can teach children a lot in a fun and easy-to-remember way. What constituents of the school curriculum are especially susceptible to incorporating video games into the process of learning?

Language and Literacy

Many children believe that playing video games makes them better readers. Almost 80% of them explain it by the fact that they read in-game communications, reviews, and books about their favorite game. But not only that is instrumental in enhancing their reading skills. An online game is a narrative in itself and it is sometimes more absorbing than many of the stories read in class. And besides, an educational video game for kids is more than just a series of images. Interactive story games will allow them to make choices that will shape the course of actions and engender events that will happen later.

Games are also a superb medium for children to learn a foreign language. Games enrich their vocabulary and teach them patterns of communication as well as grammar. 


Learn about the laws of the physical world around you. Discovering interesting facts about plants and animals inhabiting it. Find out about the substances the Earth consists of. Explore how the human body works. Understand the ways of planets and stars. This exciting knowledge is remarkably fit to be presented in the form of a video game. If you want your kids to get carried away by one, make sure it is designed to correspond to their age, otherwise, it will never get home what it is supposed to. 


This is another field where video games have a definite edge over tedious books. They make the past come alive. Let the kids accompany Alexander the Great on his conquests. Watch Columbus arriving in America. Inspect what’s inside an Egyptian pyramid. Enjoy the masterpieces of Impressionists, or witness the valor of the Allies in defeating Nazism.

Still more exciting is the chance to rule an ancient civilization or find yourself in the shoes of a historical figure, which is provided by simulation games. In this way, the child will comprehend the complexity of economic, political, religious, and cultural factors that created the context of an epoch. Even if most popular video games for kids aren’t totally historically accurate, they vividly present people, events, and challenges of bygone times.

Physical Education

At the dawn of the digital era, when gaming kept people chained in front of their computer for hours, video games and physical fitness seemed incompatible. The advent of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technology allows gamers of today to forsake their hunched posture and start moving around. So, the best video games of this type not only carry a considerable hands-on educational potential, but combine elements of cardio, pilates, and even yoga, which is sure to have a positive effect upon children’s health and promote an active lifestyle.

video games and children

Besides enhancing these narrow-scope skills and specialized knowledge, video games tell favorably upon the cognitive abilities of people in general and youngsters in particular. A number of researches prove that active involvement in online gaming improves such essential mental processes and phenomena as perception, attention, memory, multi-tasking, and the ability to make decisions promptly. Moreover, video games manifest healing power that can be utilized in treating amblyopia and dyslexia.

As you see, when used wisely, video games become beneficial both for educational and healthcare purposes. Having considerable experience and a dedicated team of specialists, Melior Games can develop any kind of educational video game for your kids to keep the pot of learning boiling at home during the school-free sojourn caused by COVID-19.


The global plague keeps youngsters isolated in their apartments for a long time, left to their own devices (both literally and metaphorically). If these devices contain educational video games, your kids’ day will be filled with lots of fun and exciting learning – a pleasant mixture any parent would like to provide for their children.