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Online game development is the everlasting entertainment segment. From the very first video game to this day, there was a time when the games were just not popular. People love to spend their time engagingly. People love to play. This is why the video game market revenue reached $43.8 billion in 2018. It’s up 18 percent from 2017.

Online game development is a legitimate startup idea. However, the very first question you will stumble upon is the game genre. The point is, that the gaming industry is an extremely volatile market sector. You can’t just develop some software product and expect it to become popular worldwide. It is important to understand what gamers expect from your game. You need to understand which genre to pick.

Let’s discover 4 best-selling gaming genres, learn their specifics, and figure out which one suits you the most.

Online Game Development: First-Person Shooter

One of the most iconic genres of the PC and console game industries is the first-person shooter. The whole idea of it is not to watch your character following your orders. Instead, you become the character. A lot of shooting, an exciting storyline, awesome effects and graphics, and three keys to a successful first-person shooter.

As for game development, first-person shooters are quite expensive. People expect exceedingly real and immersive graphics, and graphics cost a lot. However, if you plan to play in the bigs, the first-person shooter may be the best option for your game dev project. Remember, quality games are always pricey yet cost-effective. So don’t let the initial budgets for this genre lower your ambitions.

Battle Royale: Let Them Fight Till The Last Player

Battle Royale is a relatively new genre for the general public. The concept of Battle Royale is to create a limited battlefield and narrow it as time passes. The rules are rather simple: only 1 player can survive. The narrowing circle makes the field outside of it deadly, so players come closer and closer to each other. This condition keeps the gameplay dynamic and exciting.

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If you ever heard of PUBG or Fortnite, you must know how much this genre is in demand right now. Online game development studios all over the world are trying their best to jump into Battle Royale league. What is more fascinating, players are so obsessed by this genre that an anonymous entrepreneur has launched the Battle Royale project on the private island in real life

As you can see, it’s quite a bandwagon everyone tries to jump on, and you sure can do the same. Here are the points to consider when developing a Battle Royale game:

  • Focus on mechanics. Battle Royale players appreciate the cool and versatile battle mechanics. A broad range of weapons, balanced arsenal and damage are a must to a successful game;
  • Mind your game performance. The most burning issue of this genre is the performance concerns. You see, there will be dozens of players distributed all across the huge virtual island. And every player’s rendering distance should be at max. It’s the whole point of Battle Royale – to spot and eliminate the enemy before he or she eliminates you;
  • Paid content. We want your game to pay off, right? The thing is, the game market is full of free-to-play Battle Royale alternatives, and it won’t be easy to persuade players to buy your game. With that said, we recommend you lean towards the free game with paid content (skins, environment details, and other cosmetic benefits). Just don’t make your Battle Royale game a pay-to-win piece of software. Players hate those.

Massively Multiplayer Online Games: Let’s Make The Fight as Massive as It Gets

MMO games are considered the most epic ones. Just imagine hundreds or even thousands of players interacting in the same environment at the same time. MMO games create massive action, and players enjoy it a lot.

Whether you think about World of Warcraft, Crossout, or any other mobile or PC MMO game, you know how hot, exciting, and immersive gameplay can be in this genre. Many popular MMOs have become an immortal cultural heritage of the gaming world.

If you wish to make your own MMO, keep in mind the scales of the game you are about to create. MMOs are not single-player games that you can develop overnight. These are long-term projects with impressive time and monetary expenses.

Open World Game: The Viable Alternative to The Progression Style

Open World games entered the scene when some players became fed up with strict progression lines in all games. They wanted to do whatever they wanted in the game, they wanted freedom. Open-world games granted them freedom.

As you may have guessed, the open-world game concept is to make the core progression line – let’s say – optional. It means players can develop their characters regardless of their progress in the main game scenario. This makes the game strategy change. Instead of conventional following the game storyline, players can now choose their path. It’s a fascinating breakthrough in understanding the gaming experience.

If you select Open World Game as your genre, think about this: letting the player ignore the progression line is half of the deal. You need to provide enough opportunities to develop apart from the storyline. This way, you can make sure people don’t get bored playing your masterpiece.

The Bottom Line

The wide range of game genres provides unlimited opportunities for game developers nowadays. Whether you pick the one from our list or jump into another category – Battler game development, for instance – always remember that you should apply the user-first approach.

After all, you create a game for players, not for profit. This thinking will make your success just a matter of time. Have an impressive idea you want to share? Reach out to Melior Games professionals. We have extensive expertise in cutting-edge game development and can turn your concept into a successful project.