battle royale

Battle Company is a popular Laser Tag supplier from the U.S. Following the new trends and clients’ desires, the company was looking for a new app to manage games at real-life playground. Melior Games accepted the challenge and implemented it in a solution that not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations. 

Here we want to share some interesting details of our amazing cooperation.

Client: Battle Company

Team involved: 8 people

Technologies used: 

AWS Services (Elastic Beanstalk, EC2, RDS, S3, SQS, SNS, SES), Java Spring (JPA for MySQL, REST), Unity3d

Project: Software for Laser Tag Gaming

Business challenge

The client needed a new breath for his growing hardware development business. The task was to empower laser tag gaming with a sophisticated solution for a better live action entertainment experience by blending the best of video games with live-action sports.

Melior Games understood the challenge and has been accomplishing it in the best possible way. The team closely collaborated with the client defining the specifications, building the system, analyzing users’ feedback and providing solutions that meet users’ needs.


Melior Games offered and developed a complex of software solutions that can help to start and manage games at a real-life playground. The team also created a database of players building the community of people striving to have new exciting live gaming.

Being at each stage of the project life-cycle, Melior Games developed complete UI and UX design (back-end and front-end) making sure it works stable and handles a constantly growing amount of users. 

Apart from software solution, Melior Games provided the development of firmware for equipment making sure all works in coherence and in the most optimised ways.

Daily calls with the client and meetings with the team ensure us being on the same page, get a comprehensive understanding of client’s ideas, and efficiency in the realization of their ideas to life.

As long as the project growth, the team size gets bigger too. 

Starting with just an artist, project manager and one developer at the prototype stage, now the team includes, project manager, four developers, two QA engineers and UI/UX designer.


The main standalone managing application allows operators full control over the action on the battlefield, that is create game modes, manage players, give real time scoring, as well as manage laser tag equipment over WiFi and many more.

Mobile application is designed for operators to be used as a remote control making it easy to manage equipment, players and games physically being at the playground with just a tablet.

The importance of keeping users engaged in the gaming process allowing them to track individual and team stats, level up and see rankings, get rewards and special bonuses can’t be underestimated and this is just a part of another mobile application that was specifically designed for players.

We do everything to keep up with all that Battle Company wants so they keep coming back for more.