best video game companies in Europe

When it comes to the game development there are only a few names you may recall in the first five seconds. And most likely half of them represent European countries. Of course, a lot of Top Game Developers who became recognizable and popular are from the U.S. or Asia, however, you may be surprised to find out that the creators of Candy Crush Saga, Assassin’s Creed, Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto, and Red Dead Redemption and are video game companies in Europe.

There are also dozens of European video game startups that are already well-known thanks to the indie games which have become real hits in the App Store and Google Play. Below you’ll find the List of top Europe Gaming Companies that are definitely worth your attention whether you are a developer, an investor, or a videogame addict.

List of the Best European Video Game Companies

The Farm 51

Country: Poland

Staff: 120

Developed games: NecroVision, Painkiller, Chernobyl VR Project, World War 3.

One of the most popular video game companies in Eastern Europe. This studio is known for delivering projects to not only Windows, Android, iOS, XBox, and other gaming platforms but also for the VR and AR special devices.

The Farm 51 used to utilize all the trending technologies so they can mix different game development experiences like 3D-scanning and advanced photogrammetry. The company is basically divided into two teams: The Farm 51 itself and The Reality 51. The last one is focused mainly on Virtual and Augmented Reality projects.

Wargaming video game development companies


Country: Cyprus, Belarus

Staff: 4000

Developed games: World of Tanks

Have you ever played World of Tanks? World of Warplanes? World of Warships? Try it, you will definitely like if not the whole gameplay then some certain features. Their series are free-to-play online games with in-game purchases (super popular in Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Estonia, Latvia), where players can take control over the legendary tanks, military ships, and jets.

Although the company is headquartered in Cyprus, it was founded in Minsk, Belarus. The largest Wargaming development studio is still located there. In 2015, Wargaming launched division called WG Labs. It acts as a 3rd-party publisher for dozens of collaborating developers. One of the partners is NGD Studios, most known for their space strategy, Master of Orion. 

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Ninja Theory - video game companies

Ninja Theory 

Country: UK

Staff: 100

Developed games: Heavenly Sword, Devil May Cry

Ninja Theory is partnered with Sony and focused on production for PlayStation consoles. It specializes in RPG and action/slasher genres, often overwhelmed with the sword-fighting scenes. It has become recognizable due to frequent usage of different cinematic techniques along with advanced animation. As a result a lot of scenes and all the trailers are very similar to the movies. For example, their first hit, Heavenly Sword (published in 2007), features special motion-capture technology which you may see in a lot of Hollywood blockbusters. 

game development meliorgames.comGameloft

Country: France

Staff: 4600

Developed games: Assassin’s Creed (mobile), Brothers in Arms 3, N.O.V.A. 

Gameloft’s main office is located in Paris and its smaller offices are in 28 countries around the world. For the last few years the company emphasizes on mobile game production. One of their last releases is an iOS/Android version of popular console action Assassin’s Creed.

Gameloft is proud to have over 100 different iPhone games available on the App Store. Most of them use the “freemium” model (which basically means a free download with some optional paid extras). The company’s chief executive Michel Guillemot recently said that there is 1 million Gameloft games downloaded per day.

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Melior Games - game development company Ukraine

Melior Games

Country: Ukraine

Staff: 30

Developed games: Courage, Laser Tag Pro, 

Melior Games is a European video game company with offices in Lithuania and Ukraine that builds games for people all over the world, mostly specializing in regions like Europe, Asia, and the United States.

The studio provides a full range of game development services that cover game design, art design (2D and 3D), animations, and programming. Melior Games team is a tight cluster of seasoned game developers and artists who are always willing to go the extra mile to deliver quality products and ensure maximum satisfaction. The company takes pride in creating unique, aesthetically pleasing games that go beyond client expectations and provide true inspiration.

Today Melior Games is proud of successfully completing more than 120 projects for a wide range of platforms including Apple’s iOS, Android, Xbox, Windows, Mac OS.