Benefits of Online Gaming: A Closer Look

Modern games, like those developed by Melior Games, aren’t what they used to be. Young people of the 21st century used to the online gaming benefits condescendingly smile at their parents mentioning how much they enjoyed chess, cards, or Monopoly. In our device-ridden world, watching the dice rolling and moving your marker seems as ancient an experience as making a paper plane or wooden sword fencing. The gaming of today has migrated out of real life onto the screen of a laptop or a tablet. 

And if you wish to play together with your friends, you don’t have to be literally in the same room as them. Nowadays online gaming brings together people sitting at their computers on different continents.

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Games are probably as old as humanity, so it is no wonder that the term Homo Ludens (a playing man) is used by scientists to describe our obsession with this age-long practice. However, while the advantages of playing games are universally recognized, the positive effects of video games are still a field of heated debate. Their opponents from the older generation state that the benefits of gaming were rendered void when games went digital. Video games are stigmatized as violent, moronic, and anti-social. Moreover, they are purported to cause addiction and depression.

Yet, a generation of gamers has entered the age of maturity, and it has not brought forth the end of the world. Evidently, the advantages of gaming are not only retained but augmented when it comes to online video games in general and games by Melior Games in particular.

Why Are Online Games Useful?

According to scientists, online gaming benefits fall into five basic categories.

Cognitive Benefits

Numerous experiments show that avid gamers manifest better results in various cognitive tests than those who don’t play regularly. Moreover, the latter group’s IQ performance, as well as perception, attention, and spatial cognition, generally improves after they get intensely engaged in online gaming, demonstrating exponential growth with the increase of gaming time. 

The explanation is quite simple. Typically, the most elaborate video games (like those developed by Melior Games) necessitate passing several stages. To reach the next level, a gamer must focus, make the right choices, come up with the best solutions, anticipate possible outcomes, and envisage potential pitfalls. All of these are a kind of mental exercise training your strategic thinking and mental abilities in general.

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Motivational Benefits

The multilevel structure of most video games promotes another human trait – perseverance. Since the difficulty of the game escalates with each new level, gamers face ever-increasing challenges and solve problems of greater difficulty. And you will not excel at a particular game unless you try different strategies and persist in your attempts to move further and higher. Thus, your motivation is continuously honed to serve you in good stead in real-life situations.

Creativity Benefits

If you just have a look at the magnificent graphics and bizarre creatures in computer games, you will agree that people who develop them are on par with the best fantasy and science fiction writers. 

Naturally, gamers immersed in those offbeat and often grotesque universes have their imagination horizons significantly widened. Moreover, it enables them to see the world from a different perspective, which is a necessary quality for any creative person. 

Emotional Benefits

These seem evident. We play games for entertainment, which for most people means experiencing positive emotions. However, recent research proves that the emotions that gamers feel are not only good. They vary from fear and frustration to excitement and even anger. 

In such cases, video games teach people to control and overcome these adverse emotions, combat panic and tantrums. There is no doubt that such skills will be welcome for coping with problems outside the virtual world, making gamers as stress-resistant as possible.

benefits of online gaming

Social Benefits

At first sight, the existence of such benefits runs counter to the entrenched image of a shut-in hermit of a gamer who never leaves his abode. Yet scientists confirm the social benefits of online gaming. Such a conclusion makes sense when we consider the social nature of many video games. People play online against each other. After that, when the game is over they discuss it with the partners. As a result, players often form quite sizable internet communities that share a passion for the same game. 

And if a game is played cooperatively, players learn to work in a team, helping each other. It makes the social benefits of gaming even more momentous. 


Online video games have become an important means of entertainment and not only for the younger generations. They enable people to experience a whole scope of emotions. By playing them we develop our cognitive and creative skills and learn to interact with other birds of the same feather. And now you have scientific proof of the benefits of online gaming to show anyone who is convinced otherwise.