High Quality Game Development Outsourcing

We have a vast amount of experience with designing all of the graphical assets of the game, programming the game mechanics, gameplay elements, designing the GUI (Graphical User Interface, UI/UX ), artificial intelligence, and combining all of those elements to create a single cross-platform masterpiece. We then do extensive quality control to ensure maximum player enjoyment.

Game Development for Gambling

Gambling Applications

Melior Games can be your primary partner for creating high-quality addicting gambling applications, including slots, coin dozers, pachinko, casino games, cards games - we can create these apps in both Unity3D and Cocos-2D-JS, so we will be able to publish them on various platforms, including HTML 5, iOS and Android - we can also create stunning 3D / Virtual Reality experiences. We have a strong and experienced team which will take care of all the project planning, art/graphics, animations and effects, server and client-side programming.

Virtual Reality

VR is the next frontier of games development and visualization, blurring the line between the real and unreal, and we are here to be your guide! We can create stunning VR experiences using Unity3D for such platforms as the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard, HTC Vive - your wish is our command! Be it showing your clients what a building project will look like, or racing through a post apocalyptic necropolis, Melior Games will take care of all the parts of the project starting from helping you design the full project specifications, to the concept art, graphics and animations, to the programming and testing, so even if you start with something conceptual and seemingly impossible and unreal, with us you will end up with a final amazing AAA product ready for publication!

Realtime Multiplayer Games

Melior Games is experienced with the “back end” side of game development, working with Photon, NodeJS, Socket.IO and other solutions, and we are able to provide a stable system for multiplayer, including real-time game information, storing user stats, leaderboards, achievements, chat and social sharing for games with millions of users. We are highly experienced with both mobile games as well as standalone AAA PC/OSX games, so however demanding the job, we are your ideal partner.

Mobile Game Development

Using Unity,Cosos-2D-JS or native SDK, we can create mobile-friendly games for iOS (iPhones, iPads), Android ( Google Play, Amazon and other stores) and Tizen. We have created almost a hundred high-quality games for Mobile, including 2D arcade games and platformers, gambling games, 3d games, multiplayer/social games, shooter games, puzzle games, so whatever your idea, we will be able to turn it into reality. Apart from the actual game mechanics, our team is very experienced in the other “technical” aspects of game development, including server-side scripting, in-app purchases, ads and analytics. We provide a full-cycle of game development, meaning you come to us with an idea, we help you to develop it into a full-blown GDD (game design document) which contains all of the detailed specifications, create the art and animations, create a game prototype, then the full game, and finally test it and get it ready for publication.

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