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Melior Games is an independent mobile game development company in Europe that targets the US and European markets. We provide services in all major areas of game development that cover game design, art design (2d and 3d), animations, programming, games porting, project management, quality assurance, and other services.
The company was founded in June 2010 in Kiev, Ukraine, and began by developing native iOS and Android applications. In 2011 Melior Games had a great leap forward, due to our adoption of Unity3D for cross-platform applications and games. We now target  Apple’s iOS, Android, Windows Phone,XBox, Windows, Mac OS, as well as website integration.
Today Melior Games is proud of 100+ successfully completed projects, has a strong team of game development specialists and has a reputation of a reliable partner for its customers, providing affordable rates combined with high quality products.

Mission, Vision, and Value

Our MISSION is to constantly provide reliable services to our customers in every stage of game development and to reach maximum customer satisfaction by prioritising reaction to feedback over quantity of projects.

Our VISION is not only to become an internationally recognised multi-platform game development services provider, but also to become one of the best alternatives in the market to our customers.

Our VALUES create our company’s culture. We prioritise quality over quantity and we treat our customers the same as we treat our employees: with respect, dignity and consider every opinion equally important.


In 2014 a demo version of the “The Little Story” game was published on the Apple AppStore and in one week received over 100 thousand downloads. The game reached the top positions in the AppStore Chart in the number of countries.

Currently the Melior Games team consists of 10 people and during 2014 has already completed over 17 projects for the iOS, Android, Mac OS, Windows platforms. It also continues the cooperation on the social iOS game with Miinu company.

Additionally, Melior Games commenced the development of a mobile application and administrative web-application for the Laser Tag Pro project as a part of cooperation with Oxpose LLC, USA.

In 2013 Melior Games completed over 12 projects, and commenced the development of 2 strategically important projects for the company – a social iOS game with the cooperation of Miinu company, as well as a joint project with the Ukrainian company Aratog for the development of a multiplayer space 3D strategy game with controllable battles in real time called “Astrolords”.

Additionally in 2013 Melior Games started the development of its own iOS project called “The Little Prince Returns”, a demo version of which was presented on the GDC Play exhibition, which took place within the largest yearly conference of professional game developers (Game Development Conference, San Francisco, USA).

The game received a lot of positive reviews, and was featured on the Indie Game Festival 2014. In 2014 a demo version of the game was published on the Apple AppStore and in one week received over 90 thousand downloads. The game reached the top positions in the AppStore Chart in the number of countries.

In 2012 Melior Games began developing a sports application for a Norwegian company Virtual Cycling AS, which allows users to plan sports sessions, to track their routes on the map, to calculate the results (speed, elevation, calories burned), to create charts and to share your results in social networks. The project was completed for the iOS and Android platforms. During our cooperation with Virtual Cycling AS we created another application for fitness exercises at home, which is also available on the iOS and Android platforms.

In May 2012 Melior Games signed a contract with Flop Studios Inc, USA, for the transfering of exclusive rights of 8 games to Flop Studios Inc, which were developed for the iOS platforms, and also signed an agreement for the development of several projects in cooperation.

During 2011 Melior Games completed over 20 projects for both companies and private individuals. Additionally there were 4 agreements signed which were important for the company – the first one was with Innova Systems LLC. Innova Systems is a Russian company that does language localizations for global multiplayer games, as well as online browser games. The other 3 contracts were with Alawar, which is a Russian video game developer, publisher and distributor, founded in 1999, and with Fulcrum Biometrics – a company that does biometric identification systems and biometric devices. The final company was Miinu – a company that develops games and applications for the iOS platform.

In 2010 Melior Games released over 10 projects for iOS, notably “Sparky the Dog” – a kid’s arcade game, which for a long time was in the top 10 best games for children.

Also, in 2010 Melior Games established a partnership with MobGen company, and during that partnership a vast array of projects was completed, including an editor application for the creation of Interactive Books (the publisher was Unieboek | Het Spectrum).



Clients about us

We care about your opinions

  • Outsourcing in general, but more specifically for mobile game development is without question an industry that will only grow larger with time. It’s also an integral part of Kaida Games strategic plan. It has given me the ability to enter this industry with an investment of only personal funds. Where as funding this entry in North America isn’t even an option for a company of my size. It is however not without it’s risks…

    While outsourcing can provide you lower costs, one must be careful to remember that for the most part you still get what you pay for (in the end). This is something I had to learn the hard way with three failed projects that never made it to the app store and a sum of lost money I’m really not interested in disclosing. You really need to understand the value of your dollar in the location your outsourcing to and figure out if it’s honestly profitable for that person. There is a sea of people out there who promise to create anything for pennies. Just as you have done your research for your application, ensure that you give the same attention to sourcing your developer.

    Alternatively you could learn from the mistakes others have made and source your work with Meilor Games. The customer service is far beyond what I’m use to getting from most companies in North America. This is vital for success with being on opposite sides of the world. The only limitation in development seems to be my imagination as everything requested has been fulfilled by their skilled operators.

    Not having to worry about if my developer will finish my project or drop off the face of the earth gives me more time to focus on my applications. With the uphill battle in the world of apps, having one less thing to worry about is always a plus.

    Partnering with Melior Games is by far the best decisions I’ve made for my company.

    - Mark Sherman,CEO at Kaida Games Inc. -
  • Melior Games always impress our team with every games they created for us. Starting from their design which is very professional to the logic of the game which includes optimization, performance and debugging of the application, they’d never fail to do that. Communication has never been a problem, constant and every day communication and their team always respond very fast to every feedback. Overall, there is no doubt to work with Melior Games. Definitely recommended!!! 10/10
    - Wilson Thoa,CEO at Miinu -

  • I have worked with Melior Games on several applications. I continue to
    trust them with my mobile application projects because they are reliable,
    fast, cost-effective, and communicate well. I have worked with many
    offshore developers and they are by far my favorite company.
    - Brian Park,Founder at FunExam.com -

  • We worked with Melior Games on our debut iOS app, ‘Super Sliding Puzzle Adventure’. We found them incredibly helpful and full of useful advice throughout the project and we were incredibly happy with the final product. Melior worked with us very closely in implementing and improving upon our design and were always willing to put in extra time to get milestones completed promptly.

    I have no hesitation in recommending Melior to anyone and I would welcome the chance to work with them again in the future.

    - Alasdair Evans, Creative Director at Broken Bunny Ltd. -

Our Services

We are more than excited to design and develop successful interactive apps and games that keep the gamers glued to them.


Game Development

We have a vast amount of experience with designing all of the graphical assets of the game, programming the game mechanics, gameplay elements, designing the GUI (Graphical User Interface), artificial intelligence, and combining all of those elements to create a single masterpiece. We then do extensive quality control to ensure maximum player enjoyment.

2d Graphics & Animations

We can provide you with anything, starting from a title/logo, to all the graphics you might need for an entire game- we of course are proficient in other aspects of game development as well. We can also provide you with Flash animations of your choice- be it a cartoon, advertisement, intro or anything else you might desire.

Video Trailers

One of the keys to a success in having your game reach as many people as possible is a great promotional trailer. Our team has all the necessary skills and tools to make this happen. Our team of animators, artists and designers can handle the creation process from start to finish, including storyboarding, character and environment modeling, texturing, animation and rendering. With Melior Games Studios, your game will come alive for all the world to see and appreciate.

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Melior Games is proud to announce its expansion to Vilnius, Lithuania. We are looking for creative individuals to join our team to create awesome games! Currently our open positions include a spot for a Unity3D developer and a 2D Artist. If you feel that you’ve got what it takes please contact us at cv@meliorgames.com

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