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Gaming and Technology: How Have Video Game Changed Over the Last Decade?

The Milestones of the Video Game Development Over the Last Decade

Over the past ten years, video games development has evolved, impressing players with realistic graphics, gripping…

TOP-7 Video Game Design Companies

video game design

Outsource game design is a competitive environment. Only the strongest manage to gain recognition and make…

Top 10 Richest Game Developers 2019

richest game developers 2019

For the last two decades, playing videogames have become an amazing hobby or, to be more…

Top 10 of the Most Popular Video Games of 2019

Tetris 99 best video game of 2019

2018 was really good. 2019 doesn’t look so fruitful, however, it has a lot of published…

Top 10 Best Selling Video Games Ever

top 10 est selling video game gravum

Since the good old days when “Space Invaders” were released, video games have turned into a…

Top-6 Global Video Game Companies with Offices in Ukraine

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When it comes to international IT and video game companies, Ukraine is considered as one of…