Meet the Team - Kateryna, QA Engineer

Enter the lively Melior Games universe! Through an engrossing series of interviews, we explore the thoughts and emotions of the gifted individuals who form the core of this prestigious game development company. Every interview yields a new perspective that clarifies the many roles and responsibilities at Melior Games. We learn about the zeal, creativity, and determination driving this dynamic team to success as they progress from seasoned coders to rigorous QA engineers. Meet Kateryna – QA Engineer at Melior Games.

Kateryna, thank you for sparing some time to speak with us. To begin, could you please introduce yourself and describe your role at Melior Games?

Certainly, I’m happy to. I’m Kateryna, and I serve as a QA Engineer at Melior Games. My primary duty involves guaranteeing the quality of the games and applications we produce. This entails conducting comprehensive testing across platforms such as iOS, Android, and Windows, to ensure they adhere to the highest standards before their release to our clients and the gaming community.

That seems like a vital role in the game development process. Could you take us through what a usual day entails for you?

Certainly, I typically begin my day by outlining the testing tasks ahead. This includes collaborating with the development team to grasp any new features or updates requiring testing. Subsequently, I immerse myself in assessing various facets of the games and applications, spanning functionality, performance, and user experience. I meticulously record any encountered issues or bugs and collaborate closely with developers to rectify them. Effective communication is paramount in my role to ensure everyone stays informed about project statuses.

What tools do you depend on to carry out your job efficiently?

In my role at Melior Games, I rely on several key tools to streamline the testing process. These include Remote Test Lab for testing on remote devices, Jira for bug tracking, Confluence for documentation, and Minimal Adb and Putty for accessing logs.

Melior Games seems like a dynamic and innovative company. What makes it a special place for you to work?

There are several reasons why Melior Games stands out as a unique workplace. Firstly, our team is highly skilled and deeply passionate about their craft. We continuously challenge ourselves in the realm of game development, aiming to provide outstanding products to our clients. Moreover, our company culture fosters a supportive environment, emphasizing teamwork and ongoing education. I also value the trust and independence we’re granted to manage our projects and contribute to the creative process with our ideas.

With such a diverse range of tasks, which aspect of your role do you enjoy the most?

It’s quite challenging to select just one aspect, but if I had to decide, I’d say I find the problem-solving aspect the most enjoyable. The process of identifying and resolving issues in the games and applications we create demands critical thinking and meticulous attention to detail, which I find immensely fulfilling. Witnessing the tangible impact of my efforts when we successfully address issues and deliver a refined product to our clients and players is incredibly satisfying.

Finally, could you tell us about a project you’ve been involved in at Melior Games?

Yes, indeed. Recently, I was involved in a project titled “Wild Goose,” a mobile game available on iOS and Android platforms. My role as a QA Engineer entailed assessing the game’s performance, user interface, and functionality to ensure a smooth gaming experience for players.