Wild Goose


Client: Private Person
Client Location: EU
Specifics: Artwork, Game Development, Animations


Embark on this thrilling and funny adventure in Wild Goose, the interactive new hyper casual 2D game that will keep you engaged for hours! Join our hero to get through all the enemies, and obstacles ( monsters, creatures with a variety of weapons and guns ). Complete all the levels of this interactive hyper casual 2D game. During this fun and magic story, get ready to face different enemies, challenges, and obstacles ( super animals, cats that attack with bullets, eagles, hornet punks, robot dogs, squirrel soldiers, lazy fox policemen, ninja bobcats ). Besides these creatures, insects, and monsters, she has superpowers ( fly and an amazing speed ) to face the captivating levels in this running game. Sally boosts her powers by collecting gems, feathers, and diamonds, and unlocking the features ( magnet, armor, flower bombs ).

In Wild Goose, Sally ventures into forests, and jungles through all the captivating levels and funny games. She will face a range of animals ( cats that attack with bullets, robot dogs, eagles ), each one with its unique characteristics, guns, and weapons. The danger is everywhere in this fun and magic story. Sally will fight with monsters, insects, and creatures ( hornet punks, birds, lazy fox policemen, squirrel soldiers, ninja bobcats ). Our hero must overcome the obstacles to complete all these levels. Use her magic powers to fly, her amazing speed, and the features available ( magnet, armor, flower bombs ) in this interactive casual 2D game. Collect gems, feathers, and diamonds to unlock the features.