Overview of the Most Important Game Development Roles

Why are game development roles important? Because gamers are everywhere. Today, people play games not only to relax after a hard-working day but also as a good source of income. But have you ever thought about a game development career? In this insightful review, we’ll have a look at the key game development roles that help create superb online games.

Indeed, roles in game development are different. Depending on the project, a team may include up to 40 professional developers. So what are the different roles in game development? Get comfortable and have a look!

What Kinds of Roles Are There in Video Game Development?

When you check the credits of any game, you’ll see more than 100 names listed there (and sometimes, even more). So let’s review the most important game development team roles that help create a successful project.

Game designer

You probably know that any project begins with an idea. The game designer is the most significant role in the area of game development. This person brings all the ideas to reality. To achieve that goal, a person should be creative, have good organizational skills, and think out of the box.

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Level designer

The responsibilities of this person include creating various levels of the game. Simply put, this person is responsible for different game challenges. However, today some online tools create all these levels automatically. As a result, not all game development projects need the services of level designers.


The main goal of this person is to test the graphics and the game flow. After the game is developed, a team of testers checks whether everything is okay and the project can be released. In other words, the tester is the final person who checks the game and assures its quality. Sometimes, it is really hard to find all the technical issues or bugs. So this person should be skillful and experienced enough to achieve that goal.

Game developer

Any person who belongs to the development team and takes part in coding is called a game developer. For example, here at Melior Games, developers create logic and game behavior as described by the team of game designers. To achieve the best possible results, this person should be skillful and experienced in this area.

Render engineer

You know that creating a game is a time-consuming process. When analyzing all the roles in a game development team, we simply can’t omit a rendering engineer. It’s the most important person whose goal is to write a custom game engine. This person should be experienced enough to help the team achieve the most dramatic results. A render engineer is responsible for optimizing shaders, minimizing memory requirements, combining textures, etc.

Texture artist

Modern games include a variety of textures. Some of them can be developed automatically with the help of different programs whereas others are still painted manually. This process is not easy. It requires professional skills and experience in this area. A high-quality game includes seamlessly tiled textures. That’s why a professional game development team simply can’t do without a good texture artist.

Sound engineer

The name speaks for itself. This person is responsible for sound programming. You know that besides the texture and visual effects, a high-quality game should have stunning sound effects. Otherwise, it will be hard to immerse yourself in the game. A sound engineer is responsible for audio merging and voice editing.

While today, it is a normal practice to choose game sounds in free libraries, it is not easy to do. Simply put, you need to know what you are looking for, So a good sound engineer should be both a technical expert and a creative person!

Project manager

Not all roles in the game development team are creative. Any team should have a person who will monitor the budgets, control the deadlines, and properly organize the work between different departments. A professional project manager should have excellent organizational skills, be able to work under pressure, and be a leader for the whole game development team! The main goal of this person is to help find compromises between different departments.

We have reviewed the most necessary roles in game development. However, a lot depends on the studio. Some of them also hire 3D artists, animators, creative writers, and concept artists. In such a scenario, a lot depends on the project needs and the goal of the game. We, at Melior Games, have a professional team of experts that can easily meet your needs. Our experienced team can’t do without all these game development roles because we know that a high-quality result is contingent on each member of our team.