Real-time multiplayer mobile games have been extremely popular for years. People love competing against live rivals. This is relevant for both 2D and 3D games, despite several differences between them. In this article, we reviewed a list of some of the most successful real-time multiplayer Android games. Putting together a game development team is a sophisticated task. As the game development industry expands, more requirements for a quality dev team appear.

Game Development Team Roles: Know Your Members

When it comes to gathering your game dev professionals, keep the game development cycle in mind. Here at Melior Games, we understand the vital importance of thinking through each development stage. Let’s find out which members you should include in your team.

Game Designer

Game designers are people who, well, design the game. They come up with a game idea, its rules, physics, history, world, and countless other aspects. Game designers are people who make your product exciting. They are the people who make your software a game.


Developers implement game designers’ ideas and bring them to life. The primary developers’ objective is to write bug-free and performant software. Here are the developer roles you should have in your game development dedicated team:

  • Software architect. Software architects design your software architecture, and make sure it’s flexible, scalable, and maintainable. These are three characteristics determining the game development code quality;
  • Team lead. Team leads are people who manage and support your developer department. Developers tend to perform far greater when managed by a responsible team lead.

Project Manager

You need a PM to handle your game development team activity. Whether it’s a ten-person team or a whole department, PM has a fundamental role in ensuring project time- and cost-effectiveness.

Graphics Designer

The gaming industry has changed substantially since the first games have come out. Modern gaming software is exceedingly realistic these days thanks to graphics designers. They create advanced textures and game models close to real-life objects.

Keep in mind that game satisfaction is immersion-driven. This means the more exciting gameplay you achieve, the better is the user experience.

Business Analyst

BAs play an integral role in establishing clear communication between tech people (developers) and clients (idea generators). Having a strong BA in your team means securing your game development dedicated team efficiency.


Now, hear us out: of course, you can have an external marketer handle the advertising routine. However, our Melior Games experts believe that in-house marketers understand the game better and, hence, produce a higher-quality of marketing strategy.


The last but not the least, testers. They play your game before anyone else does. Testers validate game sustainability and look for bugs and unpredicted crashes. The modern game development process is a complex cycle, so testing the software is as crucial as in any other software development industry.

Game Development Team Balance: Strive For Resource-Efficiency

The five most popular genres in modern game development are casual games, puzzles, arcades, action, and racing games. Now let us review one successful representative in each of the leading genres.

The market rivalry pushes us to take the maximum out of our game development outsourcing teams. This includes balancing a team in terms of team roles. 

Here’s how it works. If you develop a strategy game, an enormous part of the game development process is game world and mechanics creation. Pay attention to providing your project with enough game designers. Graphics are not the top priority.

On the other hand, a first-person shooter is an image-driven game, meaning you should not skimp on graphics under any circumstances. If we consider MMO, performance issues arise. This is where a quality developer team is a prioritized department.

You should strive to bring true professionals for all your game dev roles. The thing is, the budget is often a concern. With that said, learn to find a balance and focus on the primary gameplay aspect of your product.

Game Dev Outsourcing: How To Pick The Best Team For You

Outsourcing your game development is a great solution for entrepreneurs seeking to bring their game ideas to life. Here are the reasons why outsourcing services can be your best option:

  • Outsourcing is swift. You don’t have to start a year-long hiring process to gather experts willing to work on your project;
  • Outsourcing is convenient. You can spend your valuable time on the things that matter while the outsourcing team handles the project;
  • Outsourcing is cost-effective. Depending on the outsourcing model you choose, software development outsourcing saves a considerable part of your budget compared to the in-house development team.

When picking your game development dedicated team, look for the previous experience of the company. Teams with extensive expertise in your game genre are far more likely to satisfy your needs.

The Bottom Line

Whether you plan on a platformer game or seek a MOBA development team, balance your employee roles, and look for experienced professionals in the industry.

If you need expert assistance in your game development, reach out to our Melior Games specialists. We strive for excellence and always meet our client’s expectations. Opt for Melior Games, make sure your game development team is the people who understand your vision and are fueled for success.