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Benefits of White Label Casino Software

The most annoying and nerve-racking part of any business is the beginning. Opening a new business takes investments, commitment, motivation, and most importantly time, because you need time to develop and craft your product, while also keeping an eye on the budget and thinking about risks and potential failures. This is a huge dilemma for software companies – should we spend a year developing unique apps or just find somebody to do it for us and start a business in a week? Believe it or not, the second option is extremely popular.

You probably would be surprised to find out that thousands of apps and games are not even made by the so-called ‘creators’, but are claimed to be their own. There’s nothing criminal about it – white labeling is a perfectly legit business practice that involves selling blank or custom-made casino software and allowing companies to brand them as their own. Why do companies choose to buy ready-made software instead of developing their own? Well, there is a whole spectrum of reasons, the most obvious indicator is money and time, but let’s look through a particularly interesting case of white-labeled online casinos.

How Does White Labeling in Casinos Work?

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Opening a casino establishment takes lots of work and commitment, and, yes, an online casino is an easier and cheaper venture, but it still involves dealing with lots of problems – the trickiest part is getting a gambling license and developing gambling software. This can take months, even years, before you start doing anything. If you’re inexperienced and eager to start a business immediately, white labeling is the only solution that makes this work fast.

Casino providers will give you a gambling starter kit with all the necessary ingredients to operate an online casino. You’ll get a license, a platform with casino software, hosting, customized payment systems, technical support, and other services. These guys make a living by building gambling infrastructures, which means they have extensive knowledge of laws and regulations, plus loads of ready-made templates. That’s why for most casino operators it’s easier to buy their services and only worry about branding and marketing. Here are the main advantages of buying white-label services from casino providers:

  • Ready-made casino software. It’s an all-included software package that’s ready to go, so you can start operating in a matter of weeks.
  • Gambling license. Getting a casino license is a difficult task. White labeling simplifies this by leaving all of the heavy work to professionals.
  • Payments processing. A good white-label solution will handle all aspects of payments, including risk management and fraud detection and prevention.
  • Customer support. Casino providers offer an integrated customer support service in the package.

Avoid Mistakes

Benefits of White Label Casino Software

Sounds exciting? It does. The idea of starting a casino gig in a few weeks for $ 10,000 instead of $ 100,000 sounds very juicy and tempting. You can even get it cheaper – starting a white-label casino can cost anywhere between $1000 and $ 10,000. However, some factors might spoil the fun. While offering lower prices, white-label casino providers also charge higher revenue-sharing fees to cover their licensing, support, and maintenance costs. This turns the casino provider into a landlord and the operator into a tenant who pays rent every month. Another disadvantage, ironically, is the fact that you get ready-made casino software, which means you can’t tamper much with it, and you have to work with what’s given.

Challenges in launching your casino

Your only way of making it in the business is by creating a cool name and logo, providing a substantial marketing campaign, and selling the same service dressed in different clothes. So, you could think that you’re getting handed everything on a plate, but actually, you’re just getting a quick pass, without bearing any fruit. To make a name for your newly started casino, you’ll have to do the following things:

  • Choose a memorable domain name;
  • Come up with a brand name and logo;
  • Develop your gaming website;
  • Work heavily on marketing;

These steps might sound like nothing special and rudimentary, but in reality, they are the only aces you have to reach success in the world of white-label casinos. The market is overloaded with white-labeled casinos, which makes business incredibly competitive. Players are spoilt and they constantly seek unique experiences within games. So in some cases maybe it’s better to invest time in developing unique software that could catch a player’s eye.

Unique casino software with good marketing is a lethal weapon of success in this business; if you have the resources, patience, and time, you could reach even better results by making everything from scratch. Nevertheless, white labeling is still great in almost every aspect. If you know how to play your cards, generic white-label software combined with careful marketing can still bring you lots of sweet profit. Just consider the fact that you have to pay service setup fees and there will be some kind of revenue agreement with the provider, so decide and negotiate carefully before deciding on the final percentage. Make sure your casino provider has a good reputation because you’ll be putting your money and legal confidence into them.

Should I Consider a White Label Solution?

White labeling is the fastest way to start an online casino without going through legal and financial struggles. It’s not perfect, but the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Just be very careful with contracts and make sure you know your financial obligations to the provider. You might not get too much creative satisfaction when it comes to development, but you’ll certainly get a stable money-making platform that can be fueled through fierce marketing. If you still have doubts, don’t hesitate to contact our team and get a free consultation.