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Blockchain development is considered to be one of the most hyped technologies in the recent years. Cryptocurrencies, super secure transfers, and smart contracts became an important part of the thousands of businesses and the digital world as a whole. 

Cloud Solutions: Altoros

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Altoros also has English, Danish, Swiss, and Norwegian offices. It is mostly known for deploying blockchain-backed Cloud Foundry solutions.

The company utilizes a streamlined workflow to assist big and small enterprises in the beginning of their blockchain-powered journey. Altoros used to evaluate different aspects of blockchain technology and choose the most suitable solution for each particular case.

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Finance: Chain

Founded on the rise of the blockchain development this company has succeeded in various aspects of providing financial services with a new level of security and speed. Chain offers its customers a secure management of the financial assets by “tokenizing” them on private ledgers. Further these tokens can be transferred through public networks.

The company gained a lot of experience from partnership with the giants in fintech sector. For instance, they helped to implement blockchained-backed solutions for Visa, Citigroup, Nasdaq, Capital One, and many other less known enterprises from the finance industry.  Specialised in distributed ledger, payment services, cryptography, and other blockchain-related technologies, Chain has become quite a popular provider when it comes to secure transactions for public or private networks. 

Real Estate: ChromaWay

ChromaWay is widely known in Europe, especially in Sweden, where it has contracts with the government agencies on providing smart contract solutions. The main areas where the company has implemented dozens of projects are real estate and finance. Thanks to their Postchain database and SofiWay network an app for highly secure, fast, and simple money transfers is being developed.

The company also provides solutions for the house and other property purchases which can be made with the usage of blockchain and smart contract technologies. Their goal is to evaluate the technology from three key perspectives: legal, business and IT. 

IoT: LeewayHertz

The company specializes in Ethereum/Hyperledger/Corda/Hashgraph and other blockchain development services

LeewayHertz used to combine Internet of Things with Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, and cloud services in order to create exclusive apps and software aimed to make business processes super transparent, reliable, and trustworthy.

The company has a great experience in bringing blockchain-based and IoT-related solutions into logistics and pharmaceutical supply chains. In particular, they have developed some sort of trackers to allow logistics companies, customers, brokers, carriers and shippers track shipments in real time.

Gaming: Melior Games

E-Sports and online gambling are two more sectors where blockchain developers are wanted skilled and alive. Melior Games is one of  the few companies in Ukraine which has an expertise in developing simulators and slots powered with a blockchain-features payment system. 

Ukrainian team also collaborated on implementing a token value into already created games. Nowadays, there are a lot of MMORPG projects where any character, weapon, or ability is turned into a digital asset which can be sold or purchased. Through the blockchain-powered ecosystem gamers are free to create, develop, and monetize content without any risk they could experience in the past (unclear transactions, scammers, etc).

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Although blockchain development has been evolving too fast and has been adopted by different industries, it is relatively young. Thus, you should be very careful when choosing the right company for your needs. Learn more about the team you are going to collaborate with and try to talk to the blockchain developer directly.

But don’t ignore the trends and the progress. A lot of the companies have already excelled by implementing tokens and smart contracts into their business processes.  After all, realizing the benefits of blockchain-based solutions can be a key factor in creating the future path of any modern company.