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How to Ensure Gamers’ Loyalty

Game Development and Gamer's loyalty Melior Games

Just like any other business, game development works by a certain set of rules. One of…

Online Games to Play Through Winter

Online Games to Play Through Winter

Winter is here, and if we weren’t already planning on spending more time indoors thanks to…

6 Impressive Ways Gaming Shapes Thinking

Impressive Ways Gaming Shapes Thinking

Video games are loved by so many people of different ages, backgrounds, social statuses, and interests….

How to Create a Good Game Story

Game Story Melior games

What are the main reasons a creator decides to release their product with a game story…

Testing a Game Prototype Step-by-Step

Gaming Prototype Melior Games

For sure, the game prototype is needed! So you’ve had the idea for a perfect game….

Game Development Companies: What to Ask?

Game development companies Melior Games photo

The software development industry of today doesn’t seem to cease growing and expanding while the number…