Meet the Team: Rustam, Game Developer

In today’s Meet the Team series, we are pleased to introduce you to Rustam, an experienced game developer who has been an integral part of the Melior Games family for the past five years. Having a wealth of knowledge in game development, Rustam shares his experience, ideas, and feelings.

Rustam, thank you for joining us today. Could you tell our readers a bit about your background and how you found your way into game development?

Of course, it’s nice to be here. My journey into game development began with a mixture of curiosity and fascination with interactive experiences. Five years ago, I joined Melior Games with experience in JavaScript and CocosCreator, where I started creating small slot machines. It was an exciting introduction to game development, but as I got deeper into development, I wanted more complexity and innovation.

That’s fascinating. How did your transition to C# and Unity shape your career path?

I was given additional opportunities and could participate in more complex projects after switching to Unity and C#. The most exciting project was designing a Fall Guys-inspired game for a theme park. It used 3D video components to create an atmosphere that was both dynamic and immersive. This game, in my opinion, is an excellent illustration of how to combine creativity and technology to create a genuinely singular experience.

It sounds like you’ve encountered your fair share of challenges along the way. Can you elaborate on some of the hurdles you’ve faced in game development?

Yes, without doubt. The process of creating a game is fraught with difficulties. I had occasionally encountered challenging issues that required thorough consideration of my options for solutions. The true magic, though, occurs when these obstacles are overcome. These are immensely fulfilling moments that show the tenacity and inventiveness of game creators, whether it’s pushing the envelope or coming up with a tasteful solution to a technical conundrum.

How do you stay ahead of the curve in such a rapidly evolving industry?

You must always learn new things and hone your craft if you want to stay on top of the game development industry. Since trends and technologies are always changing, it is our responsibility as developers to always be looking for new ways to leverage them. Learning something new is possible with every project, be it a new programming language or exploring sophisticated tools and methodologies.

That’s excellent advice. Finally, what advice would you give to aspiring game developers?

My basic advice to anyone who wants to make video games is to never stop learning. It takes commitment, perseverance, and a creative enthusiasm to work in the demanding area of game creation. Never be afraid to take chances, think creatively, and push the envelope of what is thought to be possible. Above all, keep in mind that every setback presents a chance for growth and for you to become stronger and more resilient.

Thank you, Rustam, for sharing your insights and experiences with us today. It’s been a pleasure hearing about your journey and the incredible work you do at Melior Games.

In the end, Rustam’s story is a great illustration of the creative and long-term thinking that is so important to the game developer. As he moves from small beginnings to large efforts, his professional development serves as an inspiration to both his colleagues and aspiring developers. We can’t wait to see what incredible adventures Rustam and the full Melior Games team have in store. Visit us again soon for more inspiring stories from our talented development staff!