languages for game development

The gaming industry is the most vivid example of modern technological progress. Successful projects in this niche bring millions of dollars in profits to their creators weekly.

Game development is based on system programming. And the quality of the end product relies heavily on the correct choice of coding languages for game development – powerful hardware isn’t enough.

Let’s take a look at the best languages for game development to help you pick the most proper tool for work, both for professionals and amateurs eager to grow in their hobby.

Coding Languages for Game Development 

Dozens of languages are used in game production. Some of them have become very popular and widespread among developers, while others are little known. Even for professionals, it is sometimes difficult to choose the best option for implementing an idea – every other tool has its strengths and weaknesses. And some work better for specific projects than others.

Since games are produced for different platforms, let’s first categorize the major areas of development:

  • АА/ААА – games for PCs and consoles;
  • mobile games;
  • browser and online games.
Areas of Development

Each of the niches can offer big profits for business, forcing developers to optimize their skills and take new, non-standard moves. All for one purpose – to attract the attention of millions of users to your brainchild. Let’s dwell on each of the platform options in more detail.

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The Best Programming Language for Games of AA/AAA Format

This segment is characterized by projects of medium and large size. Let’s consider the most appropriate coding languages for game development when it comes to PC and console projects.

C++ – the leading programming language for games

C++ is a pioneer of languages for developing large projects. Thanks to the concept of object-oriented programming, it was able to bypass its predecessor – C. Managing the low-level components of the system helps to launch software faster, which is very important for this type of gaming production.

The vast majority of the world’s most famous creations on PCs and consoles were based on the C++ code. The most prominent cases are:

  • Counter-Strike;
  • World of Warcraft;
  • Fortnite;
  • BioShock and many others.


The main strengths of C# are overall coding efficiency and scalability. The tool provides the ability to build projects of any type and architecture. These advantages make learning it a must for any game developer, especially since mastering its intricacies is much easier than getting a grasp of C++.

The vivid examples of C#-based projects include:

  • Assassin’s Creed: Identity;
  • Pokemon GO;
  • Osiris: New Dawn.


The latest programming language, which is, basically, a whole system of scripts using functions of objects, events, and variables. The Papyrus script calls certain functions when the specified event is triggered. Prominent projects based on this one are:

  • Fallout 4;
  • The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.


A tool that was intended to serve for the processing of data configuration operations, but had an impact on the development of other languages: Ruby, C++, Javascript, over time, significantly expanding its potential and capabilities.

Lua is among the best programming languages for games due to the simplicity of the structure, syntax, and excellent compatibility with other tools. Such a set allows you to significantly simplify the creation of games without sacrificing quality. The renowned cases include:

  • Dota 2;
  • Crysis;
  • Star Wars: Battlefront;
  • Dark Souls.


An imperative language with a focus on object-oriented programming aimed at the implementation of design solutions. It is a helper tool for C++ and Lua. Squirrel helps solve complex tasks requiring high throughput – exception handling, tail recursion, etc. It was successfully applied in:

  • Counter-Strike;
  • Left 4 Dead;
  • Portal 2.

Specialists at Melior Games have extensive experience in creating a variety of games based on the mentioned coding languages and other tools. We will help you choose the best option for the successful implementation of your specific project.

Scripting Languages for Game Development on Mobile Platforms

The main platforms for creating mobile applications are iOS and Android. It is only logical that most programming languages are tailored for them. Let’s consider the proper toolkit in more detail.


Java uses the same principle of object-oriented programming as C++ but offers a wider range of gaming-focused systems. Data is often executed in a virtual machine, converted to shared bytecodes. This approach allows execution practically in any existing software/hardware system.

This versatility has made it a staple of Android game creation tools and has made learning it a must for every mobile game developer aspiring to become a pro. The main use cases are:

  • Assassins Creed 2;
  • Prince of Persia 4;
  • Asphalt 3: Street Rules;
  • Avatar.


An analog of Java for developing products on the iOS platform. The library offers access to a large number of frameworks and engines. This language, however, gradually becomes outdated, which makes it not that efficient for creating futuristic games. At the same time, Objective-C is a great option for products with low design requirements, among which are:

  • Jewel Smash;
  • Star Track: Rivals;
  • WordScape.


Another tool for implementing iOS-based projects, but in a more modern format. Used in applications on iPhone 7 and above. Distinctive features include type safety, pointers, automatic memory management. Possibilities of joint use with OpenGL and Box2D elevate this programming language to the leaders of the industry. It has already been used in:

  • 2048;
  • Angry Birds;
  • Flappy Bird.

Languages for Game Development in the Web Environment

Browser and online games don’t really use a wide variety of languages. In fact, there are two complementary tools lying in the core of more than 90% of all projects released both by the specialists at Melior Games and all world developers.


A prominent tool used to launch websites that can be integrated with numerous JavaScript web apps. This is a well-tried-and-tested option for creating cross-platform online games.

While HTML is used to create web layouts and CSS defines visual aesthetics – JavaScript serves as the main foundation of the process.


The number of games developed with HTML5 is growing exponentially every day. The main reason for its popularity is simplicity. Developers don’t need complex knowledge about data structure and algorithms. Such advantages could make HTML5 the main programming language for Internet games in the coming years. Among the prominent projects are:

  • 3D Tetris;
  • HexGL;
  • Kingdom Rush and many others.

If you still cannot decide which languages for game development are best suited for the implementation of your idea, contact Melior Games specialists right now! We have the experience to provide quality advice as well as complete a full-cycle turnkey project.