retro video games 15 top

Today, retro video games online are popular as never before. Game studios regularly release retro games bringing back fond memories of the times when sixteen bits and chiptune melodies were enough to feel happy. Here is the list of the best retro games on the PC Melior Games team has put together for you in case you are feeling nostalgic.


DIABLO II video game retro

Diablo II – A cult role-playing action game where players have to pass through sixteen randomly generated dungeon levels full of monsters and treasures. The mission is to destroy Horror Lord Diablo, who is threatening the village of Tristram.


THE SIMS retro video game

The game lets you run the life of a person or even the whole family. We are given some money and the land to start. Our task is to build a modest home and try to get settled there.


PRINCE OF PERSIA retro video games

An adventure game where the player incarcerated by vizier Jafar has to break out of there. After escaping from prison, the player is to find his beloved princess and save her from the vizier.


THIMBLEWEED PARK retro video game

This hilarious adventure game with five characters contains a lot of jokes and puzzles, from the simplest to the most complex. The game may seem too naive, nevertheless, you are plunged into the charming atmosphere of retro video games of the 90s from the very first minute.


SHOVEL KNIGHT top retro video game

The protagonist of this retro platformer starts a journey to save their beloved princess. The game is designed in an amazing 8-bit style. The gameplay corresponds to the era: you have to explore branched levels, jump on the heads of enemies, search for secrets and fight bosses.


doom retro video games online

The first truly successful first-person shooter with a pseudo-three-dimensional engine. The player finds themselves in the shoes of a marine who is sent to the Martian colony to investigate the circumstances of radio silence. Instead of people, the player meets evil demons.



Despite the fact that it was released in 2017, this platformer looks like it was created during the time of Sega MegaDrive: pixel graphics, leveling, and classic gameplay will surely send you back to childhood, to the adventures of the famous Sonic the hedgehog and his friends.



The retro shooter from 3D Realms studio was created on the Build 1996 engine. Here you will find a full set of elements of the best retro games: hurricane gameplay without health regeneration, sprite models, low-poly environment, authentic sound. This may be the best among such kind of games.



Stardew Valley as a retro video game. A farm simulator with RPG elements. In the game process, you look after a farm, explore the secrets of a small town, and get acquainted with its residents. Stardew Valley is an endless and addictive game, and pixel retro graphics make it even more fascinating.



Turn-based strategy with cooperative and competitive modes. You are to explore the map and fight opponents in tactical battles, control commanders and troops. If you enjoyed Advance Wars or Ancient Empires, you will definitely like Wargroove.



This action game is a reference to GTA, more specifically, the first parts where they still used a top view. The player faces an interactive open world with many missions available for car theft and many secrets. Video filters stylize the image for the 80-90x console.



A cooperative shooter with a side view and a pixelated image as well as heroes referring to popular characters from famous action movies will undoubtedly make you nostalgic. Crazy battles, bright explosions and the ability to destroy every level to the ground – is this not a good reason to play this retro style online game for a couple or a couple hundred hours?


HOTLINE MIAMI retro video game

Hotline Miami – In this series of top-down shooters, you have to pass level after level of fighting, using an impressive arsenal of edged weapons and firearms. Add to that an old style of games and films of the VHS era, and the gameplay is going to blow you away.


STRAFE retro video games

A retro shooter with roguelike elements and random locations. The player finds themselves in the role of a Space Marine, fighting against various enemies in the corridors of the space base. Of course, an impressive arsenal of deadly weapons is provided.



A shooter in the spirit of the cult game DOOM, Blood and other projects that made the childhood of many gamers unforgettable. This retro game is about a brave foot soldier who challenges hellish creatures, and that’s all you need to know about this game in general.

This entire list has been hand picked by the developers of the Melior Games. At the end of the working day we cannot resist the desire to play retro games online, and we hope they bring back carefree memories of childhood for you as well.