game dev frameworks dedicated solely to the creation of Android-based solutions.

Video game development is an extensive, dynamically developing area of IT, where specialized game development frameworks came to be used to make the developers’ life easier. 

What is a Game Development Framework?

Essentially, software building frameworks consist of a set of libraries that should facilitate the development of a game. The underlying library, in turn, is a set of data (programs, subprograms, objects, functions) that a programmer needs in their work. Simply put, a framework is a working environment optimized for creating software products.

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Major Benefits & Downsides of Game Development Frameworks

  • The ability to increase the speed & convenience of development. Working with most renowned frameworks, you may not even bother with design concepts and software assets – they usually offer customizable templates that make everything utterly simple; 
  • Reduced game development expenses. A dedicated developer can save a lot of time, which means a cheaper overall process of development;
  • Optimized working schedule. Coming from the point above, the general schedule of developing a piece of software becomes well-optimized;
  • Accessible software architectures. The templated, pre-optimized nature of most existing frameworks allows for writing a clear, readable code that is simple to customize in the future.

There are no advantages without downsides, however, and, in terms of using frameworks for game development, the following cons can be pointed out:

  • Possible security issues. Almost all frameworks have open source code, which makes the whole software piece vulnerable to external threats. Most companies, such as Melior games, solve this problem by using additional security-reinforcing tools and integrations;
  • Some frameworks can still be difficult to master. After all, software building environments are most frequently created by other programmers, and it may not always be that clear to understand exactly how everything works;
  • Different specifics in different frameworks. Hired or in-house programmers may be obliged to re-learn all the basics upon switching the framework in use.

Аndroid Game Development Frameworks

Android is an excellently established platform, which is constantly evolving. It is very extremely among mobile developers, being one of the leading OSs and providing ever-expanding capabilities. At the same time, the mobile software field is an incredibly democratic market for gaming developments. Therefore, there are a huge number of game dev frameworks dedicated solely to the creation of Android-based solutions.

Аndroid Game Development Frameworks

Android Studio

This is the official integrated development environment created by Google. That is why developers choose it most often. It allows creating games and other applications in accordance with Material design and with the reach for advanced platform features. You can use it to edit the selected programming language, compile code, create separate assets and file systems for further project organization. It also provides a set of additional tools.

AVD Manager

This game development framework for Android usually comes bundled with Android Studio. It is an emulator that runs mobile applications on a computer. It is also used for testing mobile software assets in various emulated device screens so that the developer can see how the application will look eventually upon its launch.

Unity 3D

This development environment is a cross-platform software engine for game development. It is very easy to use and at the same time has a huge number of features and tools, not mentioning its huge online community and renowned title.

GameMaker: Studio

This one is a prominent iOS game development framework as well, optimized for developing 2D games. You can create games with almost no programming involved whatsoever. There is, however, a supported programming language – GML or “GameMaker Language”.

Javascript Frameworks

Javascript-based development continues to actively develop, with the number of related frameworks increasing by the year.


This modular game engine is very easy to use and, at the same time, has many useful features, such as:

  • Tools for creating animations;
  • Event management;
  • Creation of sprites;
  • Performance right out of the browser, etc.;


A fairly simple to use specialized plugin where games are created through building up readymade components. Compatible with all major browsers, even on mobile.


A Javascript game development framework perfect for creating retro-style sprite 2D arcade games as well as puzzle games. it can boast a built-in self-starting game cycle and has good documentation, but doesn’t support sounds.

The Render Engine

A cross-browser engine that was created from scratch specifically for Javascript. It is very versatile, provides a huge set of tools and features to create original games.


Based on JavaScript and CSS, this framework boasts tiled graphics and a number of features, like animated sprites, basic AI, virtual building constructor, spell effects, etc.

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We can safely say that dedicated frameworks help to make mobile game development faster, more optimized and efficient, and, based on all that, cheaper. At Melior Games, we never hesitate to use the latest advanced game development frameworks to provide top-notch software solutions. So hit us up if you need someone experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to developing a mobile game of your own.