Most Popular Video Game Genres

The video game genre, unlike books, paintings, or cinematic art, does not depend on the scenario or content of the virtual world. Mixing genres is a common thing, therefore, there is no universal classification of video games genres – different sources can classify the same video game in their own way.

Melior Games developers have compiled our list of game genres according to the type of player’s activity.


This is one of the most popular video game genres, where reflexes and reaction speed are used to overcome challenges on a number of gaming levels. This is one of the basic genres and at the same time the most common one. As a rule, action games require aggressive actions against opponents and/or the environment. The player’s character must fight, shoot, chase a target, or escape a chase. The term “action/adventure” is often used for action games with significant elements of adventure to them. The direction of arcade games belongs here, with its gameplay that is simple and easy to master.

This genre brings together different types of games:

  • Shooters – the player shoots at opponents. Depending on the perspective, they are divided into first-person shooters (Wolfenstein 3D) or third-person shooters (Max Payne). There are varieties: tactical, where a game character acts as part of a team (SWAT 4), arcade (Alien Shooter), stealth action aimed at covert action to complete tasks without destruction of opponents (the Hitman series).
  • Fighting – imitation of close battle, usually hand-to-hand, set in special arenas. Examples: the Mortal Kombat series, Street Fighter.
  • Beat ’em up – the kind of fighting games where the characters move freely around the game world and fight against many opponents at the same time. Examples: Golden Ax, Battletoads, Double Dragon.
  • Platformers – the character needs to move, jump on platforms, and overcome obstacles. Examples: Mario, Spyro the Dragon, Megaman.
  • Labyrinths – the character moves through a labyrinth trying to find a way out, collect items, and/or avoid traps and dangers. There is often a time limit in games of this genre. Examples: Pac-Man, Boulder Dash.


The goal of strategic games is to plan your actions and develop a specific strategy to achieve a specific goal, for example, winning a military operation. Here the player controls not one character, but an entire unit, army, or even a universe. Here are the most popular game genres within the strategy type:

  • Turn-based strategies: Heroes of Might and Magic III, Civilization.
  • Real-time strategies (RTS): StarCraft, Age of Empires III
  • Tower defense is a subgenre where the player controls defensive towers to keep enemies out.
  • MOBA is a subgenre where the player controls one character in order to defend a base from enemies and destroy the enemy base.
  • MMORTS – an online multiplayer real-time strategy focused on rivalry/cooperation with other real players in order to achieve a common goal.


The player is connected with a specific character or team leader: for example, a knight or a wizard. Each role has its own characteristics, and sometimes the development of the plot depends on it. The goal of the gameplay is to complete various quests to develop one character or group. Available actions depend on the image of the character chosen or formed by the player.

Role-playing video games are often combined with another genre of video games, thus forming Action-RPGs, tactical RPGs, MUD, etc. A special subtype of a role-playing game is MMORPG – multiplayer online role-playing games where real players interact with each other in the virtual world via the internet, which determines the specifics of the gameplay.

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In a way, all games are simulations. In a narrower sense, these are video games designed to form an idea of reality by displaying certain real phenomena and properties in a virtual environment. There are many types of simulator games:

  • Technical – control of complex technical devices;
  • Arcade games – these differ from classic arcades by the presence of a simplified physical model. For example, X-Wing;
  • Sports games (FIFA 12), racing, flying;
  • Economic, dating, and others – the Sims series.


In adventure video games, the player controls a game character who moves through the plot and completes tasks determined by the scenario, requiring attentiveness and logic, such as searching for clues and solving riddles.

By analogy with adventure films and comics, the plot develops dynamically, is full of vivid events and a quick change of scenery, and the characters show ingenuity and courage instead of brute force. Examples: Indiana Jones, Disney’s Aladdin in Nasira’s Revenge, Syberia.

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