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The software development industry of today doesn’t seem to cease growing and expanding while the number of game development companies grows progressively as well. Not all of them by far, however, are capable of delivering truly top-notch quality, valuable products. Especially, when it comes to gaming software, which must be immediate in response to user actions, accessible, and energy-efficient by default. 

Checklist to Help You Choose Wisely

The following are some basic questions that decent, reliable game development companies should be able to adequately answer.

How long has a company been operating in the market?

The continuous existence of a certain game development company in the IT market in Ukraine or any other country is the first implicit indication of it providing competitive products. Gaming software requires a consistent approach and cannot be properly implemented by 2-3 developers in most cases (which is a standard thing for web development, for instance). A minimum ‘package’ of experts a good game development team from Ukraine should employ includes at least 6 people: 2 frontend engineers, 1 backend engineer, designer, tester, and project manager. A good amount of time is required to gather and adjust the workflow of such a team.

What is the company’s major focus?

Think twice before going for a team that develops ‘literally anything you ask’. A single establishment is unlikely to be equally proficient at building healthcare software and mobile gaming apps (which is the main focus of Melior Games, by the way). The more radically different niches a company specializes in, the more likely it is that it wouldn’t be able to grant the same level of quality in everything. 

Does the company has an office?

Game development is always a team-based process. In-house live communication is pretty important when hiring a game development team from Ukraine or any other country. We’d recommend treating fully remote providers with caution, especially when it’s about game development outsourcing. 

How do the company’s website and portfolio look?

Image is pretty important in the field of gaming software. A dedicated company website is where in-house designers can demonstrate a fraction of their professional capabilities. It’s also good if it has dynamic content (which refreshes autonomously). Hiring a game development company in Ukraine, be sure to pay attention to that as well as to the portfolio, which should be more than impressive. 

Is there any real feedback from previous clients?

Many providers simply make up user reviews and partner feedback – this tendency, sadly, prospers both globally and in terms of a certain game development company in Ukraine. But you can always find a way to contact real clients and ask for their impressions, identifying that they are real, existing people at the same time.  

How does the company make deals with clients?

Communicating with a project manager of your potential dev partner, try to find out initially on which levels of jurisdiction and how are the deals with a particular provider regulated (check for GDP compliance if need be; every other decent game development team from Ukraine may use platforms like UpWork, which guarantee the security of deals to some extent).

What is the company’s reputation on third-party web resources?

Last, but not least, try to inspect how well a certain company acts as an employer. You can simply look up feedback on profiled job board resources. This way, you may find out about some negative aspects of your potential dev partner, like employee turnover, salary payment delays, negative employee experiences, etc. Look up these things in language corresponding with the location indicated on the company website (when it comes to game development outsourcing, it’s important to indicate the relevant location of a particular office you are to work with, not the provider’s headquarters which may as well be situated in NY while you are about to hire an affiliate team based in Ukraine).  

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Game development companies make an absolutely special category of IT service providers, with the business philosophy focused on the achievement of an utterly satisfying level of usability. A gaming app is a product of mass consumption, so it must be diverse to fit most existing device formats, web connection conditions, and common user requirements.

Your search for decent game development companies will be much easier and more efficient if you employ our checklist. Meanwhile, you can go for a well-tried-and-tested representative of qualified game development outsourcing and turn to Melior Games right away.