Client: Melior Games
Client Location: Lithuania
Specifics: Game Development, Animations, SFX, 3D Art, Concept


Pigmare! Piggy the Pig was wearily munching on some grass in the idyllic meadow where he grew up and had spent the better part of his years. During his ruminations, not many new and interesting things usually came up, as was a great paucity of daily variation of routine, and indeed his thoughts were mostly confined to tomorrow’s weather and that weird rash he had. Today, however, was different – he kept pondering on those killer robots with chainsaws and the like, that were getting bigger and bigger as the proximity between him and then decreased.

As he continued munching his grass and staring thoughtfully at them, it somehow occurred to him that perhaps HE Should Runnn!! Aa those Robots!! Aaa They are Getting Bigger What do They Waaant!?! 
It is Up to YOU, dear reader, to help Piggy the Pig escape those vicious robots, in this fun and exciting arcade game, Pigmare, while collecting truffles along the way.
Once you do escape though, in true superhero style, you get turned into SuperPig! And SuperPig knows no fear and will wreak havoc and install the fear of bacon into those uncaring, thoughtless machines. Be careful though – the machines can come back as Ghosts!!!!!