Educational Children’s Clock


Client: Melior Games
Client Location: Lithuania
Specifics: Game Development, Animations, SFX, 3D Art, Concept


Teach kids how to tell the time with “Educational Children’s Clock” from Melior Games! Learning how to tell the time on old-fashioned circular watches with arrows/hands is becoming a lost art for today’s youth, with the abundance of digital watches dissuading many youngsters from learning this necessary skill.

Immerse your child in a visually appealing interface that introduces the concept of time through interactive and intuitive gameplay. “Educational Children’s Clock” not only captures children’s attention but also builds a strong foundation for understanding analog clocks.

Our app was meticulously crafted with the use of groundbreaking education technology and was evaluated by many children and their parents – the results were astounding: kids were able to tell the time easily within only 20 minutes of using this app!

We are proud to report that the Educational Children’s Clock is the most fun and sure-fire way to have your kids easily tell the time on analog watches.

More than just an app, “Educational Children’s Clock” is like a friendly learning companion. It provides a safe and entertaining space for children to explore and enhance their time-telling skills. So, let your child dive into the world of time with this engaging and supportive educational game. Download it now and watch as your little one learns and has fun simultaneously.

– Easily learn to tell the time on mechanical watches!
– Fun for the whole family!
– Intuitive user interface for even the youngest kids!
– Designed to make telling time easy.
– Beautiful graphics!