Tac Tac Way


Client: Game Pix
Client Location: Italy
Specifics: Game Development, Animations, SFX, 3D Art, Concept


Tac Tac Way, the only game who require a personal Zen master to be played.
In this distinctive game, you assume the role of a ball traversing through surreal states of consciousness, immersing yourself in a psychedelic journey. The challenge lies in maintaining equilibrium on the walls, diligently tracing the designated path.

The gameplay is deceptively simple yet demands unwavering focus. A mere tap on the screen transforms your trajectory, ensuring your ball adheres to the intricate course. To navigate perilous lava stretches, employ the teleportation feature with a swift tap. However, peril awaits at the edges; a single misstep propels you into oblivion.

Tac Tac Way is a testament to your composure and tranquility. The distance you cover becomes the measure of your inner peace. Advice echoes in the background, reminding you that success in this Zen game is contingent upon shedding stress and anxiety. The question lingers – do you possess the calmness required for this unique challenge? The assertion that a personal Zen master might be a necessity underscores the game’s demand for a serene mindset.

Contrary to conventional zigzag games, Tac Tac Way stands as a testament to innovation and a departure from the ordinary. It beckons players into a dimension where mindfulness converges with gaming, urging them to reach new heights of calmness and control. As you embark on this extraordinary journey, the game becomes not just a test of skill but an invitation to explore the depths of your inner Zen, transforming Tac Tac Way into a distinctive and immersive gaming experience.