Shadow Puzzles


Client: Amro Abughonmi
Client Location: United Arab Emirates
Specifics: Game Development, Animations, SFX, 2D Art, Concept


Join Fairy in her puzzle adventure and defeat Shadow in the hardest puzzle game ever.
Enjoy 3 Puzzle Games in 1 Game Shadow Puzzles. Can you make it to the end and discover the hidden treasure?

Get ready to beat the puzzles master in a puzzle battle, your best friend Fairy will be there to help you in every level, Fairy will tell you when you are making correct moves or not, but is that enough?

Embark on a challenging puzzle adventure with Fairy in Shadow Puzzles. Enjoy three games in one, unravel secrets, and outsmart the puzzle master.
The game mechanics and the game boss attacks are different than any puzzle games you have experienced before, sometime you need to expect next Shadow’s attack to win.