Laser Tag Pro – Terminal


Client: Battle Company
Client Location: USA
Specifics: Game Development, Animations, SFX, 2D Art, Concept


EDGE Terminal is a place where players can login to their favorite laser tag facilities operating Laser Tag Pro equipment. To register users need to create their unique gamertag which is called the CallSign. The app also provides a gateway for game coordinators to assign players to teams and keep their operation organized. Logging in with administrator credentials provides access to the player assignment screen where CallSigns and games are managed. The app also provides mobile administrative controls for operators who need to move around the arena during gameplay.
Mobile application is designed for operators to be used as a remote control making it easy to manage equipment, players and games physically being at playground with just a tablet.
The importance of keeping users engaged in the gaming process allowing to track individual and team stats, level up and see rankings, get rewards and special bonuses can’t be underestimated and this is just a part of another mobile application that was specifically designed for players.


AWS Service
Java Spring