Jay’s Journey Adventure


Client: Ankor Games Inc.
Client Location: USA
Specifics: Game Development


Meet Mario’s nephew – Jay, the main hero of Jay’s Journey Adventure. The kid is crazy about all kinds of adventures and doesn’t skip any chance to find trouble. This time he will have to travel through time and space, open hidden portals, and fight with dangerous creatures. But it’s not only about new enemies, new friends will also come. For example, a robot from the future – smart, funny, and powerful.

Jay’s Journey Adventure is a great 2D platformer made in an old-school “Mario” style to bring much fun to players. An impressive arsenal of weapons, various enemies from aliens to werewolves (be ready to fight with their bosses), the ability to upgrade the equipment (try swimsuit, secret agent’s suit, space armor), and amazing locations are just a few features to gain the attention of thousands of fans of the genre.