Client: Melior Games
Client Location: Lithuania
Specifics: Game Development, Animations, SFX, 2D Art, Concept


Most of us are familiar with this classic game. You may have played it in your car on a family trip to make the time go faster or in a party to have fun with friends. The game where you select certain categories (country, city, fruit and green, animals, etc.) and a random letter. First to mention names that starts with the letter chosen for all the categories wins the game.
Now this game is here for your device and it’s free!
HOB! is a social brainteaser with endless fun and excitement.
Log in either with your Facebook account or email and start playing against your friends and family. Find out who can fastest recall the name of a country, city, fruit/vegetable and an animal with the random letter given.
Invite from your friends list.
Play against random opponents.
In English and Norwegian, with more languages upcoming.
More than 5000 names to choose between.
How to play:
HOB! is a easy and straight forward game to play.
Log in using your Facebook account or email. Then challenge your friend or a random player to a game of HOB!
Each game has 3 rounds with 3 different random choosen letters. The round starts when HOB! shows you the letter. From that point you have 60 seconds to fill inn the categories with names that starts with the letter given. Remeber to push the STOP button when you have filled in all the categories to get your time bonus.
That’s it. Download and have fun!