Flying Ufo


Client: Ozzietel International Pty Ltd
Client Location: USA
Specifics: Game Development, Animations, SFX, 2D Art, Concept


Behold! The crazy alien strikes again in this mind-boggling new adventure. During his space travels our intrepid alien encountered a strange new world, seemingly hospitable, but one that contains countless obstacles moving towards you! “Tap” the screen to make our alien fly up and avoid them!

The strangeness of the Flying UFO world is increased ever more due to the presence of other weird alien-like beings known as the “Exogens” that one should avoid at all costs, for who knows what dangers they bring.
Get the highest score by avoiding as many obstacles as possible and challenge your friends to beat your score via Facebook and Game Center. The future is now!

Flying UFO features:
– Simple controls
– Challenging gameplay!
– Aliens!
– Splendid music
– Hours of fun!
– Challenge your friends to get the highest score!