Chip Wood


Client: Papumba
Client Location: USA
Specifics: Game Development, Animations, 2D Art, Concept


Chip Wood! Mutant trees have taken over Chip’s peaceful forest! Dodging gopher holes and razor-sharp claws, it’s up to you to help Chip cut them down to size before it’s too late!
 Collect the cash, buy bigger and better tools, dress in the right threads, and turn those savages into SPLINTERS!

THE GENERAL STORE: Purchase all the tools an aspiring lumberjack needs to take down the leafy villains. Shotguns, chainsaws, dynamite, flamethrowers, and bulldozers!
THE CHANGING ROOM: If you’re going to lop, lop in style. Change Chip’s clothes to suit your mood. Truly axe-treme work wear!
THE LOG: Assassinate all your spare time by gaining all the achievements!
TREE-FITTY: Open the cash register to buy all the credit a logger could need using Chip Wood’s in-app purchases.
MULTIPLAYER: Play with a felling friend in a timed, no holes barred showdown.
BRAGGING RIGHTS: Post your high scores on Facebook & Twitter. You can also keep track of all your scores and achievements with Chip Wood’s Game Centre connectivity.
CHIP’S PEEPS: Chip’s friends are more than happy to help. Collect airdrops for much-needed resupplies and call in Barry’s bulldozer to level the playing field.
ARBORETUM ALLIES: The trees aren’t fighting alone. Look out for pesky gophers who dig holes in all the wrong places and the infamous ‘shadowy cessna’ who will rain down the dynamite.
Unlock the big boss trees for the ultimate chainsaw challenge showdown!

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