Bounce to 100


Client: Melior Games
Client Location: Lithuania
Specifics: Game Development, Animations, SFX, 3D Art, Concept


The endless fight between cactuses and bird continues…
Cactuses will stand strong like a brick wall to catch the bird, believing he is the water thief.
Bounce 100 times between them and help the bird to become a hero – Desert Eagle!
Use the Leaderboard – challenge yourself and your friends to reach higher scores. Don’t crash and rise to the top! You have 3 lives that you can use to get a higher score. You can also upgrade to the Pro Level – that will give you 5 extra lives. The center circle will count your score.
How to play:
– Tap anywhere on the screen to jump higher and side to side, or allow the bird to fall down, but be sure to avoid cactuses – don’t touch their spikes!
– Help the bird to survive in the desert heat. Cactuses will attack from the top – make them stop by collecting a water drop.
– You can bounce off the ground, but only the side bounces count towards your score.
Download the game, stick to it, bounce to 100 and further!
Game features:
– Engaging graphics
– FUN and ADDICTING gameplay
– Option to buy lives for easier play
– Leaderboards