Angry Swamp


Client Location: USA
Specifics: Game Development, Animations, SFX, 2D Art, Concept


Angry Swamp is an action, puzzle, and strategy-based game focused on confrontations between swamp dwellers and gators.

Embark on a wild adventure with the legendary “King of the Swamp,” Troy Landry, and his feisty companions as they reclaim their territory from unruly gators. In “Choot’Em Angry Swamp,” Troy relies on you as his reliable shooter to assist in the crucial task of tagging out gators. Precision is paramount; hitting the right spot is essential, as gators prove resilient adversaries.

The game unfolds with an array of Angry Swamp friends, each wielding unique destructive powers to annihilate the persistent gators. “Choot’Em Angry Swamp” offers extended gameplay, immersing players in challenging physics-based demolition scenarios that demand a blend of logic and skill. Maneuver through the swamp, strategize your shots, and deploy the Angry Swamp friends’ abilities effectively to triumph over the formidable gators. Get ready for an enthralling experience that tests your shooting prowess and problem-solving skills, providing hours of exhilarating gameplay in the heart of the untamed swamp.

– Hours of gameplay
– Swamp-themed gator-hunting locations
– Hundreds of exciting levels with more being added
– Sound clips of Troy Landry integrated into the game
The game Friends Cast:
Crawfish and using the special powers of the Mosquito, Snake, Frog, and Turtle to defeat the gators.
The game Enemy Gators:
Crawfish Bandit, Tree-Shaka, T-Rex, and Big Head.