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Boosting Your Mobile Game Development Organic Installs – Key Steps

Boosting Your Mobile Game Development Organic Installs - Key Steps

This is a story of how the retail environment evolves and progresses, requiring all the involved…

7 Most Innovative Game Development Companies – 2019

innovative game development companies

There are thousands of game development companies that release tons of products for different platforms. Some…

How To Build A Game Development Team For Your Product


Real time multiplayer mobile games stay extremely popular for years. People love competing against live rivals….

Game Development Companies: What to Ask?

Game development companies Melior Games photo

The software development industry of today doesn’t seem to cease growing and expanding while the number…

Video Game Development Trends in 2019

Video game development Melior Games photo

There are still a lot of video game development companies considering that they can follow an…

Game Development Outsourcing: How to Boost Game Retention?

Game development outsourcing: how to boost game retention Melior Games photo

“Ok, shut it down”… “No, wait… give it one more chance”! “Forget it, just start another project”,…

Game Development Outsourcing: Do You Need a Concept?

Game development outsourcing: do you need a concept Melior Games photo

The success of any project that involves game development outsourcing depends on the communication and understanding…

Game Development: The Power of Analytics And Promotion

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While more and more people are spending more and more hours on games, the gaming industry…