Stage your own magical play – starring YOU! Take your pick from a cast of rag doll actors, lots of props and different sceneries. Don’t forget to put your own face on the rag dolls.
Make up the story as you go, inspired by absurdly funny things happening around you. Build your own magical forest, with a herd of strange deer, a knight in shining armor and you as Little Red Riding Hood – or as an impressive strongman. There are countless different options!
– 6 rag doll actors, 10 types of props and 3 different sceneries
– personalise each rag doll actor with your own face – or that of your friend, rabbit, dad or neighbour!
– beautiful animation and unexpected effects
– intuitive, kid-friendly gameplay
– absurdly funny props and rag doll actors that spark your kids fantasy – and yours
– no rules, no scenario – just play and unleash your child’s fantasy
– authentic artwork by Dutch designer and dad Xander Wiersma
– no in-app purchase, push notifications, advertisement, external links, hidden tracking software or social network integration
‘Theater’ is great for kids aged 2 to 6. It offers countless different combinations that will sparkle free play, imagination and lots of smiles. No rules, no end, no scenario. Just play and unleash your child’s fantasy – and your own.
For younger children:
– Play around with the rag doll actors.
– Give your child’s favourite rag doll actor his or her own face, and all the others the faces of friends, family and pets.
For older children:
– Put on your own version of a famous fairytale or make up your own fantasy story.
– Take pictures of your friend, dog or family members and personalize all rag doll actors.
For parents:
– Learn more about your child’s fantasy.
– Let your child explain how he or she feels by staging a play together.
– Teach your child how to deal with emotions by reenacting difficult situations. By giving the ragdolls the faces of friends a difficult situation becomes more manageable.


Client location:
Concept, 2d Art, Game Development, Animations, SFX, Music
Unity, .NET, C#


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