Life is a fleeting evanescent thing, isn’t it? One moment you are young and carefree, with your biggest worries being schoolwork and having enough time to play games, however, almost overnight, it now seems that you are graduating high school and getting ready for work. Did you just blink? You are now getting married to the woman (or man) of your dreams. A few seconds more and it’s now time for retirement. And just like that, your ephemeral life is now almost over, with all that’s left being memories of events that, even though they occurred decades ago, feel as though they have taken place but yesterday.
“Become” is a game at just such a pace, and your seemingly trivial choices will affect the rest of your life. Play it over and over again, and see how a missed opportunity here or a different choice there will lead to an entirely different fate. Life is short, so treasure it and those you share it with.